It goes without saying that Naxos villages are the island’s gems. The hills of Naxos are dotted with many picturesque villages worth exploring.

So, if your feet are getting itchy for an adventure, hiring a car and exploring Naxos villages one by one is your best bet!

But, what’s so special about them?

Honestly, the quaint villages of Naxos ooze a unique charm. Whitewashed houses, colorful gardens, blue-domed churches, narrow cobbled alleys, warm-hearted locals… Naxos villages will make you fall in love!

Don’t take our word for it, though.

Keep reading to discover the best Naxos villages!

Naxos Chora

chora naxos

Naxos Chora, the island’s capital, is arguably the most popular village in Naxos! Besides, how could you go to Naxos without visiting the capital?

Strongly influenced by the Venetians, who ruled the island for many years, Naxos Chora boasts an elegant architecture. It has a nostalgic atmosphere that will transport you to another era… The traditional Cycladic whitewashed houses combined with the Venetian castle, create a unique ambiance that never fails to enchant visitors!

The trademark of Naxos Chora is hands down, Portara. Portara is a huge marble door that sits on Palatia islet, on the northern part of the capital. In fact, Portara is the gate of an ancient temple dedicated to the ancient Greek god Appollo.

If you’re into archaeology, don’t give it a miss!

Halki village Naxos

halki village naxos

Halki is located in the center of the Tragea region, the biggest olive cultivation area in the Cyclades. Halki, which sits 16 km from Chora, once was the island’s capital. Thus, it holds a great deal of history!

Let us set the scene… Halki is a picturesque place with elegant villas surrounded by olive groves. A natural paradise!

The village’s history is reflected in the Neoclassical houses, Venetian Towers and Byzantine churches. Wandering the village, you’ll discover impressive monuments, such as St. George’s church, the church of Panagia, Vallindra Kitron distillery and Gratsia Pyrgos, a beautiful tower house. Especially Vallindra Kitron distillery is a must place to visit, if you want to take a closer look at the production of Citron liqueur, one of the most famous local products.

Filoti village Naxos

filoti village naxos

Filoti is another village in the Tragea region of Naxos, an area packed with olive trees. Located 19 km from Naxos Chora, close to mount Zas, Filoti boasts a beautiful natural landscape!

Filloti village, which is amphitheatrically built on a steep hill, has the traditional Cycladic architecture, meaning whitewashed houses and narrow streets galore! The village’s center of activities is its main street, where one can find a selection of cafes and restaurants. Filoti also boasts one of the most pretty village squares, built under the shadow of a big plane tree.

Apiranthos village Naxos

apiranthos village naxos

Apiranthos is one of the most beautiful Naxos villages! Located in the heart of Naxos, 32 km from the island’s capital, Apiranthos is surrounded by lush green valleys. Its stunning natural landscape, combined with its nostalgic charm make this village a must-visit in Naxos.

Influenced by the Venetians, Apiranthos village is full of marble houses, ornate balconies and doors with coats of arms above them. A stroll around the village will bring you to several sites and monuments. The Church of Panagia Apirathitissa -one of the island’s oldest churches, the Archaeological Museum of Apiranthos, the Museum of Folk Art, and the Geological Museum are not to be missed!

Potamia village Naxos

potamia village naxos

Nestled on the slopes of a verdant hill, 9 km from Naxos Town, Potamia is one of the most idyllic Naxos villages!

The village is actually divided in 3 separate smaller villages: Ano Potamia, Mesi Potamia, and Kato Potamia. Potamia’s name, which means riverside in Greek, is associated with the river that crosses the 3 villages.

Also influenced by the Venetians, Potamia village boasts many Venetian Towers and 14 traditional mills. Especially the 17th century Tower of Kokkos, which has a windmill on its basement is worth a visit!

Sangri village Naxos

sangri village naxos

Sangri village is the perfect place to escape the summer heat! It is a traditional Cycladic village, located 12 km from the island’s capital. Sitting in a verdant plateau on the western part of Naxos, Sangri boasts a mixture of the Venetian and the traditional Cycladic architecture.

This traditional settlement is divided into two parts: Ano Sangri, the upper part of the village and Kato Sangri, the lower part of the village. In both parts, visitors will find Byzantine churches, such as Panagia Orfani, Panagia Arkouliotissa, Panagia Kaloritissa, and Saint Nikolaos, as well as towers, such as Paleologos Tower.

Koronos village Naxos

koronos village naxos

36 km from Naxos Chora, at an altitude of 540 meters lies the beautiful Koronos village. This scenic mountainous village is perched in a valley packed with vineyards. Therefore, it is not a surprise that this village is renowned for its wine and agricultural products.

Koronos has an enduring history, as it is one of the oldest villages in northeastern Naxos. As for its location, it’s dramatic! In fact, the village is built on a ravine with two halves that face each other. The view is, of course, breathtaking!

Strolling around the village, you’ll come across whitewashed houses, wooden balconies, taverns and the traditional “kafenia” (the coffee places of the Greek villages).

So, let’s recap!

The only way to peek into the tradition of Naxos and explore its stunning natural landscape is to visit the picturesque Naxos villages. Nestled in the hills or in verdant valleys, these gems are really worth to be explored.

P.S. Do not leave your camera at home!