If we had to put a finger on why we love Naxos, it would definitely be Naxos Chora!


Because of its narrow alleys, whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches, flowery corners, historical monuments… We could go on and on!

Honestly? Naxos Chora is one of these places that REALLY need to be included in your bucket list- it will literally blow you away with its stunning beauty!

So, it’s not really a surprise that people love Naxos Chora.

Let’s see the 4 main reasons why!

1. Naxos Chora breathes history

portara chora naxos

Built on the ancient Chora of Naxos, modern Chora Naxos couldn’t be anything less than a historical place.

In Chora Naxos, visitors, and especially history buffs, will have the chance to discover some of the most important monuments of the Cyclades!

The trademark of Naxos Chora is arguably Portara Naxos- it is the first thing that catches your eye as you approach the island by ferry. Portara Naxos sits on Palatia islet, close to the port of Naxos and it is connected to Chora Naxos by a causeway. Portara, which means “Big Door” in Greek, is an enormous (6m high and 3.5m wide) white marble gate. This impressive monument is the only remain of an ancient temple dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. Today it is the most visited site in Naxos and the ultimate spot for sunset gazing, as it boasts a majestic view to the Aegean Sea!

Apart from Portara, in Naxos Chora, one can also find many more interesting sites, such as the Castle of Naxos, Glezos Tower, and the Catholic cathedral. Sightseeing in Naxos is the best way to introduce yourself to the glorious history of the island and find out the ancient secrets of Naxos Chora.

2. In Naxos Chora, you’ll eat the yummiest food

chora naxos food

Don’t even get us started with the food in Naxos

Like the rest of the Cyclades islands, Naxos has a flourishing culinary scene that is based on the local produce!

Naxos has rich local produce, thus only the freshest first ingredients are used in the luscious traditional recipes. Dairy, potatoes, Arseniko cheese, honey, and citron liqueur are some of the island’s best products!

As for traditional dishes, there are many! In Naxos Chora, you’ll find many traditional taverns where you can taste the most popular specialties of Naxos.

Don’t leave the island without tasting:

-Pork fricassee with “provatsa”
-Rooster with wine
-Pasta with lobster
-Veal stew with eggplants and cheese
-Spoon sweets
-Pumpkin pie

3. One of the best beaches in Naxos lies at Naxos Chora

naxos chora

Do you think you have to choose between a long day at the beach and wandering in Naxos Chora?

Think again!

Just 2 km from Naxos Chora you’ll find one of the best Naxos beaches, Saint George beach. Saint George beach is a very long fully organized beach with soft sand and crystal clear water. It also boasts a wonderful view of the opposite Paros. Along the side of the beach, you’ll find many Naxos hotels, restaurants and cafeterias.

Are you a watersports enthusiast?

Agios Georgios beach is one of the best beaches in Naxos for windsurfing! The southern end of the beach, in particular, is an ideal spot to do windsurfing and take windsurfing lessons.

4. The Archaeological Museum of Naxos

archaeological museum of naxos

When in Naxos Chora, don’t pass the opportunity to visit one of the island’s best museums: the Archaeological Museum of Naxos.

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos is located at the central square of Kastro and is housed inside a 17th-century five-floor Venetian mansion.

The exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Naxos include findings of the excavations carried out in Naxos. More specifically, inside the museum, you’ll find a wide selection of items dating from the Late Neolithic to the Early Christian period. Such items are white marble Cycladic statues, vessels, golden jewelry and many more.

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos is the perfect place to peek inside the island’s history.

There are lot’s of reasons why people love Naxos Chora, but we think it’s better to stop here.

The only way to find your own reasons to love Naxos is -guess what- to visit it yourself!

So, book your trip to Naxos and get ready to fall in love with it!